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Dr Renee Badenhop (Regulatory Affairs Consultant) has 13 years postgraduate experience in medical sciences and 4 years consulting experience as a Registered Patent & Trademark attorney. She received a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney and Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Macquarie University and in 1997 she was awarded a PhD (Medicine) at the University of UNSW. In 2005 she completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial Property at the University of Technology and was registered as a Patent & Trade Mark Attorney.

She has been employed at one of Australia’s leading Medical Research Institutes, publishing over 15 articles in major scientific journals and presenting her work at over 10 international conferences. She has been employed as a Senior Scientist on both international and local research collaborations with multinational pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in the field of medical genetics.

More recently she was employed at a top tier Patent & Trade Mark Firm as a Patent Attorney in the life sciences/biotechnology area. And in 2007, she took on the role of Chief Operations Manager at a start-up medical device company where she was responsible for Product Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs. She joined Engel Hellyer & Partners Pty Ltd as a Director and Consultant in 2013.

Key Areas Of Regulatory Affairs Expertise:

  • Current regulatory awareness
  • Early warning of changes in relevant areas of regulation by regulatory authorities on industry
  • Confidential assessment of potential safety or health risks for products
  • Confidential review of advertising claims and their substantiation
  • Assistance with the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
  • Co-ordination between industry and agencies with respect to technical, scientific or toxicological evidence
  • Technical assessments for acquisitions
  • Provision of information to marketing personnel as required
  • The review of products for compliance to the National Trade Measurement Act and Regulations.

Major Areas:

  • Medicines, Sunscreens and Disinfectants
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical Devices
  • Foods
  • Complementary Medicines

Visit to contact Renee  Badenhop via email at or phone 0409 446616

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  1. Looking for a regulatory affairs consultant in Sydney or for Australia and New Zealand? Contact Dr Renee Badenhop Director and Consultant at Australia’s Leading regulatory affairs firm Engel Hellyer & Partners Pty. Ltd.

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