How Does Foreskin Stretch

If you want to find out how the foreskin stretches, we suggest you straight to the Novoglan page at on this page you will find out how the foreskin stretches and what pre-conditions are required for stretching to occur.

The page has been written by a PhD Medical Scientist trained medical scientist from Australia’s leading University – The University of Sydney.

It explains the mechanism of stretching, the biology as well as how novoglan device works.

The key thing to be aware of is that you need to reduce or remove any  inflammation and infection before stretching. They suggest you use the to prepare the foreskin for stretching. the active ingredient kills germs, and provides anti-inflammatory action as well.

Once you read and understand how simple foreskin stretching actually is, then you can get on with the business of getting a cure for your tight foreskin.

Novoglan Tight Foreskin Cure Cream | Phimosis Cream

Novoglan Tight Foreskin Cure Cream } Phimosis Cream

Tight Foreskin Cure

The best place to get your Tight Foreskin Cure  is at the Platigo Solutions Pty. Ltd. online store and the Novoglan product is shipped all over the world.

Platigo Solutions is the manufacturer and distributor of all Novoglan products world wide.

Platigo Solutions is an Australian company with head office and manufacturing centre in Sydney Australia.

Novoglan products have been specifically formulated to help men with problem foreskins and penis.  Novoglan products are the result of ongoing research and development and have been specifically formulated to be gentle on the foreskin and tough on phimosis and other conditions. 


Novoglan Review


Novoglan Review – The tight foreskin treatment of choice for men with phimosis

Check this Novoglan Review out:

Novoglan was recently rated as the Number #1 most innovative healthcare product for men in 2013, By Alpha Men’s Forum.

A review of Novoglan testimonials shows that the product hits the spot and does what they say it is going to do. Have a look at

We have reviewed over 200 websites that refer to phimosis and tight foreskin problems including 23 forums and blogs. These sites all refer to Novoglan as a great little product that gives men an option other than circumcision. The generous money back guarantee makes it a “no brainer” to try and buy and return if not happy.

Our reviewer Doug C actually purchased a kit in line to check it out. Here is what he had to say:

“Novoglan arrived in a plane white envelope and was very discreet. The box was a little crushed from the shipping but everything inside was fine. The instructions were easy to follow and it was kind of cool to have a play with this curious little device. I applied the cream for a few days, and what do you know, the chaffing and sore skin was fixed.

I tried the balloon and after two attempts I got it working. It is weird to say, but I kind of like the whole process. It slips in under the foreskin and when you inflate the balloon it feels good. No pain. I left it in for 20 minutes and walked around doing stuff around the house and it was fine. have a good look at for what other have to say”.

My rating is ***** five stars.

Doug C – Novoglan Review



How to Cure Tight Foreskin

How To Cure Tight Foreskin.

The only approved and proven way to cure a tight foreskin is through a two stage process:

1) Stop the inflammation that caused the tightening of the foreskin by using a steroid ointment or a foreskin stretching cream

2) Once the inflammation is stopped you need to use gentle, regular, even pressure across a wide area of skin. This will increase the circumference of the foreskin by stimulating the growth of new foreskin cells.

For more information on how skin cells stretch go to – This page has illustrations showing how skin stretches and how the NOVOGLAN balloon works to cure a tight foreskin.

Tight Foreskin Cure

Tight Foreskin Cure is at Hand!


Tight Foreskin Cure from NOVOGLAN - Rated # 1 Globally by Men's Health Forum, 2011, 2012

NOVOGLAN Tight Foreskin Treatment – Gentle and Effective. Approved For Home Use. Available online and discreetly shipped to you with 100% Money Back Guarantee. – Platigo Solutions host NOVOGLAN on line store.



Dear Tight Foreskin Sufferer,

We know what you are going through.  Below is a set of case studies which we know you will relate to. 

Adam spent three years going through the emotional and physical anxiety, pain & worry of having a tight foreskin (that you’re going through right now). Sex was embarrassing, difficult and painful. Ripping the foreskin was a constant worry. Infection and inflammation even ended up putting Adam in hospital – TWICE

Our eBook is the result of many years of research, leading to the  simple conclusion and SOLUTION – a simple, painless 5 minute daily stetch, with positive results after just one week – and in most cases near permanent after 14 days and  NO need for surgery! You also get a big discount off the novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher from platigosolutions – the only device approved by government health authorties to stretch a tight foreskin – or

Just think – a fully functioning, normal, retractable foreskin. No embarrassments. No infections. Oh, and GREAT sex!

I am sure you have done your research, and know that for many in the medical profession, circumcision is still the surgical “solution” for treatment of phimosis or tight foreskin. Let me be the first to tell you that it isn’t!

What is Phimosis and a Tight Foreskin?

Phimosis is a condition where the male foreskin cannot be fully retracted from the head of the penis. This may occur at birth, or later in life. When trying to pull back the tight foreskin, it can cause great pain and discomfort, as well as embarrassment and anxiety, along with problems of sexual intercourse, urination and infection.

Phimosis can occur in a number of forms, of which the most common ones are:

  • Congenital (Infantile) Phimosis – where you are born with a tight foreskin, which typically cures itself by late teenage years
  • Acquired Phimosis – where you were able to retract the foreskin, but it has now become tight.

From painful erections, infections, embarrassment and the constant worry about ripping the foreskin during sex, a tight foreskin will restrict you from enjoying your life to the full – as it did Adam.

In sexual intercourse, your foreskin plays an important role and is designed to move back behind the head of your penis during sex. If you have a tight foreskin it may be too tight to allow this and sex can become very painful as the friction will not only irritate your foreskin but can cause micro-tears making your condition worse. As a result, your sexual experience is reduced as the most sensitive part of the penis remains covered, thereby reducing your stimulation and enjoyment.

In general life, your foreskin protects the head of the penis from infection. A tight foreskin is difficult to clean, and so causes more problems with infections, dryness, soreness and more. Problems with urination can occur.

The simple truth is that over 90% of these problems can be cured easily and painlessly, at home, without surgeons or surgery!

 I already knew what phimosis was, but your web site and guide provided clear, consise information, helping me to precisely diagnose my problem, and then fix it with just a simple 5 minute daily exercise. Thanks!

Martin Wilmot, Glasgow, UK

How it affected Adam

Adam have always had a tight foreskin. It never caused a problem until he was 18. He became sexually active and started seeing a few girls. Retracting the foreskin caused pain and embarrassment. He couldn’t relax during foreplay or sex as he constantly worried he would rip his foreskin. His penis was also prone to serious infection, which ended up with him being in hospital twice and on various courses of antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Adam made an appointment with his doctor, who told him that circumcision – straight away – was the only cure.

And straight away Adam was booked in for surgery to amputate his foreskin!

This put Adam under considerable strain and pressure. Relationships became fraught and broke down. Worry, anxiety and the terrible thoughts of what might happen if the operation went wrong all filled his mind. Circumcision is not something that can be undone.

This prompted Adam to research the phimosis and tight foreskin condition. That’s when Adam met a group of healthcare professionals that were highly trained PhDs in medicine who had a solutions that worked for Adam and will work for you too. Soon Adam found that many people had been mis-diagnosed, resulting in circumcisions that were not necessary. Yes, you heard that correctly:

Doctors were telling their patients circumcision is the ONLY option, when in fact it wasn’t!

Further research into the variety of options available meant Adam eventually found what He was looking for – a possible solution to curing tight foreskin, without the need for circumcision and surgery. Adam put this simple 5 minute daily routine to the test, which produced some amazing results wich both astonished and angered him:

In just ONE WEEK, Adam could fully retract his foreskin!

Adam had another appointment with the specialist, who was astonished by what Adam showed him – his fully retractable foreskin.. He immediately cancelled Adams operation, and made certain that his future patient referrals were treated in the best possible way, with circumcision being the last resort. To date, 98% of his patients have been treated using the methods researched by the medical scientists.

I am so angry at the attitude of the medical profession towards this amazing part of the body. Your book has given me the confidence to discuss my options with my doctor and avoid the cut.

Adam, Swansea, UK

Why circumcision isn’t the answer

There are several options available to cure tight foreskin. Too many doctors continue to push circumcision, without considering these alternatives. The negative effects of circumcision include:

  • Loss of time and money whilst having the operation and recovering,
  • Complications of surgery
  • Change of shape and look of penis, which can be debilitating

Berdeau and Diau ran a study that found non-circumcision methods successfully cured over 95% of men with phimosis. UK physicians and doctors are beginning to realise circumcision is not the answer – but far too many are still believing it is the only solution. Remember, it isn’t.

Very few cases of tight foreskin and phimosis are causes for circumcision and too many doctors are too quick to recommend inappropriate radical surgery for a problem which can be resolved quickly and easily.

Case Study: Matthew Hardy

Matt had a number of issues because of a tight foreskin.

Barry, for years my tight foreskin has caused me serious problems. I couldn’t have sex, so my relationship with my girlfriend was breaking down. I’d suffer from numerous painful infections, meaning countless trips to the doctors, and even once in hospital. I didn’t want to be circumcised.

Matthew Hardy, Manchester, UK

Matt’s problem is clear to see. After purchasing our Your Foreskin Facts and Mythsebook and then following the conclusions of a 5 minute daily stretching treatment of gentle foreskin stretching with a neat little balloon you buy over the web (called novoglan), Matt began to notice a positive difference.

On Day 3, dryness and soreness around the penis had almost completely gone.

On Day 5, dryness and soreness had completely gone, and the preputial ring became looser.

On Day 7, Matt could fully retract his foreskin!

This book contains Tight Foreskin Facts and will show you:

  1. How tight foreskin is typically natural
  2. The numerous methods available
  3. What your foreskin does, and how it protects your penis
  4. Why you should keep your foreskin – at all costs!
  5. Why the medical profession continue to recommend radical surgery for an easy to cure condition
  6. How to discuss this with your doctor
  7. How to use gentle foreskin stretching to cure your tight foreskin

Your foreskin is an integral, normal part of your penis. It’s a specialised tissue with thousands of nerve endings, and it’s essential – why else would we be born with it? Retractability occurs at a variable age, and there is no deadline for this. Remember, you are normal and our eBook can help, with results starting within 3 days!

Why would you remove a fully functioning, healthy and vital piece of your body when “Gentle Foreskin Stretching” as described in “Your foreskin facts & Myths” gives you the step by step instructions to quickly and easily cure 90% of tight foreskin problems?

Barry, just had to say thank you. I was concerned about my son’s foreskin and we had considered circumcision on the advice of our doctor. We were recommended your ebook by a friend, and thank God we were, as I wouldn’t have been able to live with the guilt if we had gone through with surgery

Carol Robyns, Cirencester, UK

We spent many years researching the information you are about to own – the information which will save you from blindly accepting a recommendation of circumcision. This decision would affect your life in so many unimaginable ways; a decision which we are sure you agree is one of the worst of your life.

“Your Order is Risk-Free and Guaranteed for 60 days!”

If you don’t  meet the promises of a simple at home foreskin stretching regime, or you don’t have the confidence to successfully challenge your physician or doctor, you will receive a FULL refund through pay pal, no questions asked.!

Order today, and you will save  $17 off the normal sales price of the GFS Balloon Stretcher from Platigo Solutions! Just send a copy of  your purchase order via paypal to and they will reduce $17 dollars off the price of the GFS, what a great saving. What a low risk way to proceed. Try for more information



Pay Pal sells our product – they are a trusted online payment service  specializing in web based digitally delivered products. The “Your Foreskin Facts & Myths” guide will be usually available within 10 – 20 minutes of your payment, meaning you can put it into action right now – no matter what time it is!

Your choice is clear – act now to take control of your situation and be able to cure your tight foreskin right now, simply and painlessly or undergo the pain and trauma of surgery to lose a perfectly healthy body part!



P.S. Don’t forget, I’m taking all the risk – if after trying my methods, you don’t get the same life-changing results that I did, I’ll refund every cent. You have nothing to lose (except your foreskin?)

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You could be one of the thousands who have already cured their foreskin problems – Don’t you owe it to yourself to remain intact at all costs!

Go To Pay Pal now and save – and remeber you get a $17.00 discount off the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher product if you tell them you purchased my eBook.

“Your Order is Risk-Free and Guaranteed for 60 days!”

All you need to know about your foreskin and how to manage it simply and effectively, – as your doctor recommends. Avoid circumcision, by acting now – read the book and follow the step by step guide to a fully functioning foreskin. Over 10,000 men each month can’t be wrong. Take the low risk, high return option and make your purchase now for less than $20:

Questions? Contact us:

Forspecific information on treating phimosis or a tight foreskin please go to an independent site There you will get access to the latest information.



The number 1 rated tight foreskin cure is the NOVOGLAN  Gentle Foreskin Stretcher from Platigo Solutions in Australia. Go to

“Your Order is Risk-Free and Guaranteed for 60 days!”

All you need to know about your foreskin and how to manage it simply and effectively, – as your doctor recommends. Avoid circumcision, by acting now – read the book and follow the step by step guide to a fully functioning foreskin. Over 5,000 men each month can’t be wrong. Take the low risk, high return option and make your purchase now for less than $20:



Tight Foreskin Cure – are you looking for good links to find out more about phimosis / tight foreskin treatments and solutions?

If so, we provide several good links below:

this site reviews tight foreskin treatments and has users rate the treatments. A very good over view of treatment options.

this is the home site for the NOVOGLAN gentle foreskin stretcher. This device consistently rates very highly in reviews of foreskin stretchers and is avtually the only government health authority approved device to stretch a tight foreskin.

This is the novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher online store and also contains links to their range of products including the Novoglan Foreskin Streching Cream, Novoglan Foreskin Cleansing Soap, and the Novoglan Hypo Allergenic Personal Lubricant for men with a tight foreskin.

This site has a good discussion on phimosis and treatment options.

If you want to read more about your foreskin facts and myths then please check out our second page as it has the information about our ebook and will also give you a discount if you purchase the ebook…. click on this link to go to the next page…