How Does Foreskin Stretch

If you want to find out how the foreskin stretches, we suggest you straight to the Novoglan page at on this page you will find out how the foreskin stretches and what pre-conditions are required for stretching to occur.

The page has been written by a PhD Medical Scientist trained medical scientist from Australia’s leading University – The University of Sydney.

It explains the mechanism of stretching, the biology as well as how novoglan device works.

The key thing to be aware of is that you need to reduce or remove any  inflammation and infection before stretching. They suggest you use the to prepare the foreskin for stretching. the active ingredient kills germs, and provides anti-inflammatory action as well.

Once you read and understand how simple foreskin stretching actually is, then you can get on with the business of getting a cure for your tight foreskin.

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Tight Foreskin Cure

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