Novoglan Reviews

Novoglan Review

Novoglan has been reviewed by many health care professionals, customers, academics, clinicians, patent attorneys and so on.

The most common statements made about Novoglan in reviews are summarised below:


  • ” What a simple but clever little product to treat a silent but common problem amongst men”
  • “Novoglan Reviews all have one thing in common, “KISS” keep it simple stupid – the designers of Novoglan kept it simple and easy to use – well done”
  • “why didn’t I think of this first – such common sense!”
  • “Reviews of Novoglan are all good – I guess that’s because anyone who has used the product has had to put up with a terrible foreskin problem and any relief is a good thing!”
  • “two to three weeks of inserting a balloon in my old fellow or amputation – the choice has gotta be easy right?”
  • “how can something so simple work so well”
  • “When you compare Novoglan to those torture tools, I’d use Novoglan every time”
  • “Awesome product dude”
  • “Why would you use anything else”
  • “The Novoglan Personal Lubricant works for me, no mess no fuss”.

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“I first tried the steel calliper stretcher devices but my phimosis was pin-hole like & I couldn’t easily get the calliper spikes in & I tore my foreskin. It was so painful and so upsetting. However, I found the NOVOGLAN balloon worked first time*. I found it worked first time for me and was easy to place inside my pin hole phimosis. I am so happy now that I can fully retract my foreskin & I have no pain. I wish I had found the NOVOGLAN product first but I found it in the end & I would recommend it to anyone with a tight foreskin.”

Sean, Sydney

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