Novoglan Review


Novoglan Review – The tight foreskin treatment of choice for men with phimosis

Check this Novoglan Review out:

Novoglan was recently rated as the Number #1 most innovative healthcare product for men in 2013, By Alpha Men’s Forum.

A review of Novoglan testimonials shows that the product hits the spot and does what they say it is going to do. Have a look at

We have reviewed over 200 websites that refer to phimosis and tight foreskin problems including 23 forums and blogs. These sites all refer to Novoglan as a great little product that gives men an option other than circumcision. The generous money back guarantee makes it a “no brainer” to try and buy and return if not happy.

Our reviewer Doug C actually purchased a kit in line to check it out. Here is what he had to say:

“Novoglan arrived in a plane white envelope and was very discreet. The box was a little crushed from the shipping but everything inside was fine. The instructions were easy to follow and it was kind of cool to have a play with this curious little device. I applied the cream for a few days, and what do you know, the chaffing and sore skin was fixed.

I tried the balloon and after two attempts I got it working. It is weird to say, but I kind of like the whole process. It slips in under the foreskin and when you inflate the balloon it feels good. No pain. I left it in for 20 minutes and walked around doing stuff around the house and it was fine. have a good look at for what other have to say”.

My rating is ***** five stars.

Doug C – Novoglan Review